Web Design Colleges: List of Colleges that Offer Web Design Courses and Degrees

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    Associate's and bachelor's degrees in Web Design educate individuals on the foundations of scripting languages, graphics design and programming applications. Individuals entering into a master's program for Web Design should expect specialized and advanced training in interactive design, information architecture and related areas. Web Design courses and degrees are offered at a number of colleges and universities, including the University of California Santa Cruz, DePaul University and CUNY Manhattan.

    Details of Web Design Courses and Degrees
    Associate's Degrees in Web Design
    Associate's degree programs in Web Design introduce students to the core basic standards of working in the Web Design field. They blend creative graphics and multimedia applications with technical skills and programming languages.

    Bachelor's Degrees in Web Design
    Common bachelor's programs in Web Design include Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Web Design. Bachelor of Science degrees place more emphasis on programming applications, networks and operating systems. Bachelor of Arts degrees are more concentrated in the digital and graphic design aspects of Web Design.

    Master's Degrees in Web Design
    Master's degrees and courses in Web Design introduce students to more advanced levels of interactive design, information architecture and multimedia creation. Typical graduate programs include those awarding Master of Science, Master of Applied Science and Master of Fine Arts degrees. They might focus on a more specialized area of education and training, like programs awarding a Master of Science in Interaction Design and Information Architecture.

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