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    Mình đang tuyển một KS chuyên ngành tự động hóa, làm việc ở tp HCM tại nhà máy sản xuất thực phẩm (của một tập đoàn 100 % FDI từ EU). Bạn nào quan tâm và tự tin thì liên lạc với mình (email: qnv117@gmail.com) xem miêu tả cv ở dưới

    (Sorry Adm. cho mình đăng miêu tả bằng tiếng anh)

    Job description for Electrical Team Leader:
    • Perform daily inspection, unscheduled repairs and regular maintenance of all the electrical systems throughout the plant.
    • PLC programming, design technology process (Flowchart), HMI, SCADA as required and operating instructions. Update the latest techniques for the system.
    • Proposed technical improvement and tools to serve the maintenance and repair, preservation and maintenance of tools, machinery, and equipment ... in the fields of responsibility.
    • Work closely with other departments to promptly grasp the problem arises to report and take action in time to repair, fix ensure that the system operates in the best conditions.
    • Promptly report unusual incidents. Update stock maintenance and periodic reports by the Head of Department
    • Other assigned works as require.
    Job requirements
    • University degree: Specialized - Automation.
    • Proficient in programming PLC, HMI, SCADA (Force).
    • English: able to communicate, read technical documentation.
    • Knowledge of HVAC, FMS, HSE, HACCP, KPIs management
    • Good health, energetic, creative, and able to work under pressure.
    • Good skills in team building, planning, public communication.
    • Priority to candidates with at least 3 years’ experience in multinational companies.
    Other information
    • College degree
    • Age: Under 35
    • Gender: Male
    • Type: Permanent
    • Salary: Competitive vietnamwork
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