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Top 7 fastest and safest ways to lose belly fat

Thảo luận trong 'Nhà đất - Bất động sản' bắt đầu bởi blogforgirl.com, 27/2/16.

  1. blogforgirl.com: Top 7 fastest and safest ways to lose belly fat
    Top 7 fastest and safest ways to lose belly fat

    * Belly fat is not only women’s worry but also is men’s as a result of it affects the beauty such a lot. Besides,it’s the most cause resulting in some vas diseases. However, simply would like these seven tips to lose belly fat quickly and effectively, you will have an opportunity to have a fine looking body naturally. Doing that to feel the distinction!!

    [​IMG] The fastest way of losing belly fat by steaming:

    The fastest way of losing belly fat by steaming​
    Scientists have evidenced that steaming endlessly for twenty minutes is akin to taking part in some sports as a result of once steaming, your body consumes nearly 600 Kcal.


    + you must visit the spa or the beauty centers for steaming as a result of these places guarantee enough the warmth for your body to bring the most effective result

    + you must steam from 1,5 to 3 hours by the natural herbs. Then, you’re taking a shower by cold water when steaming for half-hour. Doing that’s to avoid thermal shock.

    -Advantages – Disadvantages:

    +Steaming will facilitate ladies feel comfortable, bring the burden loss result directly.

    +However, Mostly, this weight can return after you drink water, this can be the most important disadvantage of this technique

    -Efficiency :

    when finishing the time of steaming, the burden of body will cut back 0.8 – 1 kg. To try to this technique effectively, you wish steam for an extended time and limit drinkable when steaming

    [​IMG] The fastest way of losing belly fat by banana and hot tea:

    – Banana could be a reasonably fruit that is good for your disgestive system, it’s capable of obtaining eliminate toxins from the body. Besides, banana has several parts are useful for your nervous system . It helps cut back your stress, tireness and minimize the danger of illness about high blood pressure, stroke. Especially, intake banana frequently helps you lose belly fat quickly.

    The fastest way of losing belly fat by banana and hot tea

    + you’ll be able to eat what number bananas you wish within the daily meals

    + a cup of hot tea could be a sensible choice for you during this method, it helps cut back the boring after you place this nutrient into your body

    -Advantages – disadvantages:

    +Losing belly fat by banana could be a mean that brings the highest potency. It helps offer enough energy for activities of your body.

    + However, individuals with abdomen diseases, high – low blood disease can’t use this method that’s the disadvantage of that. To bring the high potency, you wish to try to that for a long time


    Losing belly fat by banana frequently that may assist you cut back 4-5 kg/ week

    [​IMG] The fastest way of losing belly fat by fresh lemon juice:

    -Lemon contains an abundant amount of Vitamin C that helps detoxify the liver, the kidney, the lung, improve the blood quality, promote the metabolism and regulate the balance of the disgestive system.



    + Preparing a fresh lemon and about 500 ml water

    + Squeezing a lemon and mix with water. Especially, no sugar in lemon juice. Drinking it three times each morning, afternoon, evening. You must drink water in the middle of the morning, afternoon, evening because it will the highest efficiency

    -Advantges – Disadvantages:

    + Doing this way every that can help reduce 3-5 kg/ week

    + using it for a long time that cause some stomach diseases because the acid in lemon juice will cause the stomach ulcer, erode the abdomen.


    +Drinking lemon juice regularly can help reduce belly fat effectively. Besides, your waist will cut back 3-5 cm for a week

    [​IMG] The fastest way of losing belly fat by roasted salt:

    – This is a method that will help reduce pain, firm the abdominal muscle. Therefore, it is a secret which is used widely.

    The fastest way of losing belly fat by roasted salt

    +Doing by roasting about a half of cup of salt.

    +Then, put roasted salt in this towel and apply it to abdomen.The heat from roasted salt is so effective for losing belly salt, that helps your waist become firmer

    -Advantages – Disadvantages:

    +This could be a method that helps save your cash and be safe. That is also a kind of material which is always in the kitchen of your family so you can do it regularly at home

    +However, its efficiency is so slow thus you need to do it regularly to possess the highest efficiency


    If you are doing it frequently for months, you may feel its potency. A gorgeous body is the result that this method brings

    [​IMG] The fastest way of losing belly fat by doing exersise at home:

    -Push – up is a way which helps lose belly fat quickly. Doing this movement unceasingly from 20-30 times/ day that will help firm your abdominal muscle, avoid the lax of skin. The most suitable time you should do it is every morning after waking up , every evening before going to sleep

    The fasest way of losing belly fat by massaging the stomach with salt

    + Lying on the floor, two parallel arms, put your hands down the ground.

    + this leg parallels that leg, toes touch the ground

    +Lowering your body that parallels to the ground, two elbows turn 2 sides and breath steady

    -Advantages – Disadvantages:

    +Doing exersises not only helps eliminate the fat but also is good for your health

    +Fat losing efficiency is very slow and taking much time. Especially, It is not suitable for people have the weak health.


    Doing exersises for a month that not only helps you lose your belly fat but also make your arms become firmer

    [​IMG] The fasest way of losing belly fat by massaging the stomach with salt:

    -Equivalent to the above way, losing belly fat quickly by massaging with salt that helps lose your belly fat effectively.

    The fastest way of losing belly fat by doing exersise at home

    +Before taking a bath, you can mix 3 spoons of salt with a little water. Then, applying this mixture to the abdomen and massaging it

    +Massaging for 10-15 minutes and washing with cold water.

    -Disadvantages – Advantages:

    +Massage stomach with salt directly will bring better than applying roasted salt to stomach

    + When doing this way, sensitive skin will appear the rashes which itchy.


    Doing it regularly everyday, you will feel the change of your body.

    [​IMG] The fastest way of losing belly fat by green tea:

    The fastest way of losing belly fat by green tea
    -Green tea contains antioxidants so much. It burns fat, reduce the feeling of appetite. Therefore, you can drink green tea everyday that helps lose belly fat quickly and be good for your health.


    +washing green tea leaves, cut the old leaves; stems.

    + Putting green tea leaves, stems and buds in the teapot, pouring boil water, stoaking it about 3 minutes.

    +Pouring the water of tea leaves and keeping the tea leaves and then boil with 3 litres of water

    +Turning off the gas stove after 30 minutes. If it is cool, you can use it.

    -Advantages – disadvantages:

    +Drinking green tea will help reduce the feeling of appetite thus it brings that fat losing efficiency quickly

    +However, Drinking it too much for a short time that can cause disgestive disorder because it makes your stomach have more acid.


    Your body become firmer. Fat will be eliminated if you have suitable diet.This is a way which is being concerned so much to day.
    batdongsan Top 7 fastest and safest ways to lose belly fat

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