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Great blue - amazing slot game about life of the ocean



Many people from different parts of the world like to play slot games online of Malaysia online casino and one of slots that played the most is Great blue. This is actually amazing and exciting slot game about theme of the undersea. Great blue brings to their players new and different experiences compare to other slots which have same theme. And if you want to enjoy these experiences, let’s join great blue.

You know, most of slot games are games of luck, and many people opt to try their luck on the progressive slots for a chance at over a million dollar jackpot. Yes, top high jackpot is one of the attractions of this slot game.

About amazing symbols of great blue

Speaking of symbols of this slot game, they are very lovely and friendly. You will figure out a lot of different symbols which relate to theme of the game like great whale, pearl, shell, clam, shark, star fish and etc. These symbols will divided into 3 kinds of symbol are wild, scatter and normal symbols. Wild symbol is great whale and scatter symbols are pearl, shark, clam and shell. Colorful and friendly symbols will help you to increase your winning chances as well as get more prizes and money in great blue.Huge number of prizes

Lovely symbols in great blue not only bring more fun and chance of winning the game, but they also help players to receive huge number of prizes. First of all, I want to talk the highest reward of this slot game which up to 10,000 coins. You can get it if you pick 5 wild symbols. Not only that, for 4 and 3 wild symbols, you also can get the seconds and third top of prizes. Wild symbol not only is a single winning symbol but it also appears on winning combinations with scatter symbols. moreover, scatter symbols appear on winning combinations and have proper role when help players to receive free spins with multipliers in free bonus round. We can see that 2 symbols have big roles in our playing game.

Special features

Not only great blue provides symbols with big roles, but this slot game also offers features which allow their players can earn more money easily. Therefore, there are lots of people cannot stop playing this slot game while there are many new slot games today.

First of all, we have to mention to free bonus game. You should not miss this feature. You will have more chance of getting free bonuses to increase your winning opportunity. This feature only work when you get from 3 scatters and above. And reward you receive in this feature is 33 free spins with 15 multipliers.

Next is gamble feature. It is very adventure feature and you can ignore it you don’t want to have more risk involved. I also suggest you should miss it.

Do you feel great blue is an amazing slot game through above information? Let’s join now and feel!

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