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CAD - IT tuyển CAE Application Engineer

Thảo luận trong 'Sàn giao dịch Việc Làm' bắt đầu bởi Thu Ha123, 7/4/16.

  1. Thu Ha123

    Thu Ha123 Guest

    Thu Ha123: CAD - IT tuyển CAE Application Engineer
    Hi all, công ty mình đang có nhu cầu tuyển CAE Application Engineer, nếu có bạn nào có nhu cầu thì liên lạc qua email nhé. Dưới đây là thông tin tuyển dụng :

    CAD-IT Consultants (Asia) Pte. Ltd.
    Vietnam Representative Office
    2nd Floor, Ngoc Dong Duong Building,
    76 Cach Mang Thang 8 St, Ward 6, Dist 3, HCM City, Vietnam
    Tel: +84 988 556 301
    Fax: +84 839 309072
    Email: vietnam@cadit.com.sg

    About CAD-IT Consultants:
    Founded in 1991, CAD-IT is a leading global ISO 9001:2008 certified Product Life Cycle Management (PLM), manufacturing and education provider.
    With 13 offices in SEA (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam) and China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong), Europe (UK) and USA (South Carolina) as well as 2 manufacturing plants in China (Shanghai, Suzhou), which are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO TS16949:2002 certified, CAD-IT has since built a customer base of more than 6,000 engineering companies and trained over 10,000 professionals.
    CAD-IT's suite of PLM solutions include the distribution, maintenance, support and training of ANSYS (Multiphysics Finite Element Analysis or FEA, and Computational Fluid Dynamics or CFD), Cortona3D, Goldfire Innovator (Innovation Process Management), Moldflow (Plastics CAE), Deform (Metal Forming CAE), Stampack (for Sheet Metal Forming) and Mentor Graphics' Valor (Electronics Design for Manufacturability)

    CAE Applications Engineers (Vietnam)
    You will be responsible for:
    1) Undertaking or assisting team in undertaking sales related activities including lead generation, account management and marketing.
    2) Exercise initiative in setting and executing strategic business & action plans or projects.
    3) Providing pre-sales /technical support, training and consulting for in one or more of the below mentioned sectors /disciplines.
    4) Contributing to the business as a recognized technical expert in your particular discipline(s).
    5) Exercising initiative in setting policies and plans within your discipline(s) based on predetermined strategic business goals.
    6) Initiating and driving technical initiatives in line with the business goals.
    Minimum Requirements:
    1) A strong understanding of and ability to apply PLM / CAD / CAM / CAE analyses & solutions in solving industrial problems.
    2) Good experience in applying Engineering simulation solutions such as ANSYS will be advantageous.
    3) Work in HCM (mainly) and willing to travel around Vietnam or foreign countries.
    4) A recognized Degree in Engineering – Electrical/ Electronics or Mechanical or CFD.
    5) At least one year relevant industrial experience.
    6) A strong understanding of and ability to apply PLM / CAD / CAM / CAE analyses & solutions in solving industrial problems.
    7) Good experience in applying Engineering simulation solutions such as ANSYS will be advantageous.
    8) Strong knowledge and experience in of the one or more industry sectors below:
    • Electronics / Semiconductor
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Precision Engineering
    • Plastics / Metal Forming
    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Marine / Offshore / Shipbuilding / Oil & Gas
    • Materials / Chemical / Food Processing
    • HVAC/ Fire Safety / Ventilation
    • Water Technology
    • Biotechnology / Bioengineering
    • Energy / Renewable Energy
    • Healthcare & Medtech
    • Industrial Equipment
    9) Proven track record or experience in managing a consultative sales process, and ability to drive sales.
    10) Ability to build relationships with prospective customers through the use of various prospecting techniques as well as maintaining excellent relationships with customers.
    11) Demonstrated ability to develop and execute a major account plan including strategy, goals, tactics, and milestones.
    12) Possess the following attributes:
    • Strong sense of honesty & integrity.
    • Excellent communication, presentation & influencing skills.
    • Ability to inspire confidence and trust amongst colleagues and customers.
    • Strong analytical skills and meticulous attention to detail.
    • Self-motivated with keen drive and desire to achieve.
    • Curious, creative mind which relishes a good challenge.
    • Good team player who understands the importance of teamwork.
    • Initiative and organized, able to bring about mindset change in others.
    • Professional in character and grooming, possessing strong sense of ethics and morals.
    _ Attractive salary
    _ Bonus based on performance
    _ Will be clarified during interview
    Attractive career prospects await suitable candidates with a strong sense of responsibility and integrity. If you have what it takes, please email your resume to lu.nga@cadit.com.sg before May 7 2016 .Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. vietnamwork
    CAD - IT tuyển CAE Application Engineer
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