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Boydens Engineering Việt Nam tuyển dụng 01 senior electrical engineer Lương >1000USD

Thảo luận trong 'Sàn giao dịch Việc Làm' bắt đầu bởi bluster, 6/8/15.

  1. bluster

    bluster Guest

    bluster: Boydens Engineering Việt Nam tuyển dụng 01 senior electrical engineer Lương >1000USD
    Công ty Boydens Vietnam là công ty thiết kế cơ điện của Bỉ với 50 năm hoạt động đang tuyển 1 vị trí kỹ sư thiết kế điện vị trí Senior engineer. (>5 năm)
    Làm việc tại Hà Nội.


    Các ứng viên quan tâm gửi CV tiếng Anh đến email: quangnd@boydensvn.com.
    Hạn: 25/08/2015

    Thông tin chi tiết vui lòng xem phía dưới.

    Duties and Responsibilities:
     Design concept, basic and detail drawings in AUTOCAD or in Revit
     Ensuring that the design are undertaken in accordance with electrical local codes and international standards
     Undertaken all necessary electrical design calculation and analysis along with one line diagram and select appropriate equipment size
     Coordinate with project architect, mechanical, other engineering department to perform project smoothly
     Ensure that all drawings are reviewed and checked before submitting to team leader and are also checked by team leader prior to external issued.
     Support team leader in producing the design specification, design reports to finalize project as required
     Perform the duties under the assigned works by team leader within time schedule
     Follow company’s design procedure, professional standard and rules

    4. Education and/or Work Experience Requirements
     5+ years of experience and knowledge in designing LV and ELV in buildings
     Practical experience in designing at least 2 hotel/school/tall building projects
     Knowledge of preparing electrical design and fire protection documents
     University diploma (field of electrical engineering)
     Hardworking and attention to details
     Ability to work independently and/or in team on several projects simultaneously
     Knowledge of AutoCAD, Ms Office, Revit, Dialux, Ecodial…)
     An minimum English level equivalent to 75 TOEFL, 5.5 IELTS or 600 TOEIC
     Additional language or foreigner studies in countries such as Belgium, Japan, France or Germany will be taken into consideration
     Vietnamese (or owner of a permanent residence card/working permit)
    Boydens Engineering Việt Nam tuyển dụng 01 senior electrical engineer Lương >1000USD
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